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  • Sea Elves Totem - Midnight Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Midnight Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Midnight Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Midnight Group

le animalé + Jessica Swift

Sea Elves Totem - Midnight Group


You will receive one (1) mystery Sea Elf from the grouping pictured here; your Sea Elf's appearance, energy, and name will be revealed when he arrives on your doorstep!

About Sea Elves
For millions of years in the great Loch Ness, Sea Elves have been honing their keen sense of insight and wisdom. Each holds a strong and limitless energy for you to channel whenever you need!

Each Sea Elf is unique, one-of-a-kind, and holds one of thirteen possible energies: Strength, Patience, Creativity, Happiness, Good Luck, Exploration, Motivation, Clarity, Peace, Confidence, Transformation, Trust, or Healing. 

The Collaboration
Sea Elves are a collaboration between le animalé and Jessica Swift. Each one is lovingly handmade-- sculpted by le animalé, colorfully painted by Jessica, and signed by both artists. 

Size: Approx. 1.5"
Materials: Solid pewter, paint, varnish
Quantity: (1) Sea Elf
Care: To preserve the finish of your Sea Elf, please handle with care. Do not submerge; keep away from abrasive materials. May not be suitable for small children due to size and material.

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