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  • Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group
  • Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group

le animalé + Jessica Swift

Sea Elves Totem - Lush Group


About Sea Elves
For millions of years in the great Loch Ness, Sea Elves have been honing their keen sense of insight and wisdom. Each holds a strong and limitless energy for you to channel whenever you need!

How it Works
Each Sea Elf is unique, one-of-a-kind, and holds one of thirteen possible energies: Strength, Patience, Creativity, Happiness, Good Luck, Exploration, Motivation, Clarity, Peace, Confidence, Transformation, Trust, or Healing. 

You will receive one (1) mystery Sea Elf from the grouping pictured here; your Sea Elf's appearance, energy, and name will be revealed when he arrives on your doorstep!

The Collaboration
Sea Elves are a collaboration between le animalé and Jessica Swift. Each one is lovingly handmade-- sculpted by le animalé, colorfully painted by Jessica, and signed by both artists. 

Size: Approx. 1.5"
Materials: Solid pewter, paint, varnish
Quantity: (1) Sea Elf
Care: To preserve the finish of your Sea Elf, please handle with care. Do not submerge; keep away from abrasive materials. May not be suitable for small children due to size and material.

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