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  • Le Perceptive Bat Necklace
  • Le Perceptive Bat Necklace
  • Le Perceptive Bat Necklace
  • Le Perceptive Bat Necklace
  • Le Perceptive Bat Necklace

le animalé

Le Perceptive Bat Necklace


Carry le perceptive bat with you and channel his heightened awareness.

Transition +12
Intuition +8
Rebirth +12

Le bat has made his home on a 20" stainless steel chain. This is a pewter version of my original clay sculpture, hand polished in a lovely antiqued finish. Each necklace comes carefully packaged in a gift box, and includes a small descriptive card and storage pouch.  

Pendant size: approx 1.25"

Ships in 1-3 days.

Signed on the bottom with signature le animalé stamp.

©2016 le animalé

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stunning! Perfect!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this necklace. It has the perfect pendant size and chain length to be small and easy to wear inside of a shirt without awkward bumps showing, but it is also big enough that you can see exactly what it is if you choose to wear it outside of your shirt. The details are great, too. It's not so detailed that it stands out in a gaudy manner, yet it is so detailed that you can tell exactly what it is - a bat! This piece has a nice weight to it, too. It's not heavy, but it is solid and weighty enough that you know it is there. I personally have a problem with constantly yanking on my necklaces to make sure it's still there. With this necklace, I don't have that problem. I can feel that le bat is with me all day, guiding me through changes as they come. If you live bats, need a totem to guide you through life transitions, or simply want a fall oriented necklace that doesn't scream Halloween, this is a perfect necklace. I love it because it looks just like the fruit bats I see in Japan every night on my walks. They're wonderful creatures.

Loving Wearing to increase awareness!

Le perceptive bat I bought because of my newfound love and appreciation of bats. Seeing a totem necklace in pewter, and I love everything about necklace, totem, and pewter anything, of a bat? Mine. It is beautiful and the detail is perfect. I can't say enough good things about it. I bought le wolf which I adore as well and feel assured I will love everything I purchase from le animale. All around excellent and awesome are you.
And i am being aware of its helping me be aware...or some other words that mean that and make more sense.
Chain is a very good one too, sturdy strong but not heavy.
I am excited about my next need for a gift in that I plan on bestowing my next purchases on loved ones!

Bat, Cat, Bison, Slow Loris

In addition to the bat I also ordered the slow loris, the cat and the bison. All are beautiful, well-crafted, clever little pieces. I am particularly impressed with the actual weight of each creature. I like and need substantial jewelry for my lifestyle and these fit the bill. I must confess I purchased all four just for me - a little treat - and am now considering purchasing more in the future as gifts for friends and family. Animals are my life; both personally and professionally, and these little guys are perfect miniature examples of their respective species. Buy these products! I am sure you will be as pleased as I am.

My wife really love it!

My wife love bats and flying foxes, she was amazed when i gift it to her. It's so cute and well done like pose and details. Brava Laura! :-D

sooo cute!!!

This little batty reminds me of one of my kids' fav books when they were younger, Stellaluna. I always marvel at Laura's incredible attention to detail, especially on this bat. This cutie will be a b'day gift...but I may have to grab one for myself, too. ;o)

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So cute!

A tiny little fox charm for your phone or anything else. Adorable, like everything else on this website!

Love my little guardian

He is just beautiful and accompanies me everywhere

Fabulous Le Bustling Bee Necklace!

This was purchased as a gift for a friend who uses the French Bee as her business logo - and she will love it! As with all of the Le Animalé collection, the Bee has gorgeous detailing and also looks great from a distance. The lovely pewter has the patina of aged silver and will only improve with wear as it will not tarnish. It’s rare to find such a lovely piece of jewelry that’s handcrafted with such beauty at this price point; this necklace is a perfect gift to yourself, a friend, or family member.

Wonderful Le Practical Bear Necklace!

This necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves bears! The bear actually stands on it’s own making it perfect to display as a personal totem when not being worn; the pewter materials is lovely and will not tarnish; it has the patina of naturally aged antique silver. I gave this as a gift and my friend adores it!