I'm Laura, the owner and artist of le animalé. 

Growing up I admired my mother's collections of resin bears, porcelain dolls, and other small treasures. I loved tagging along with her on the hunt for new pieces. This instilled love of miniatures & collecting + my lifelong interest in animals & creating lead me to launch le animalé in 2011.

I LOVE creating little animals and have created thousands over the past few years. Working with my hands, honing a skill, and giving life to my imagination has always been a part of me. I really can't imagine life without it.

My animals are made to inspire positive thinking, self-discovery and happiness. Keep them with you for comfort and adventure: they're for everyone who needs, wants, just can't resist them!

I release new totems every Wednesday, so there are always new pieces in the shop; make sure to stop by and see what's new! Think you might forget? Sign up for my newsletter and I'll remind you! 

My work for le animalé has been featured on sites such as Design Sponge, Hello Giggles, Apartment Therapy, and The Oprah Blog. le animalé was also honored with being Etsy's featured seller and was featured in Artful Blogging magazine.

Explore behind the scenes of my process through my behind the scenes blog posts. 

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