Hello, I'm Laura, the owner and artist of le animalé. I make small animal totems to inspire positive thinking, self-discovery, & happiness.

I release new totems every Wednesday, so there are always new pieces in the shop; make sure to stop by and see what's new!

My work for le animalé has been featured on sites such as Design Sponge, Hello Giggles, Apartment Therapy, and The Oprah Blog. le animalé was also honored with being Etsy's featured seller and was featured in Artful Blogging magazine.

Explore behind the scenes of my process through my behind the scenes blog posts. 

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Each animal totem is handmade at our homebase in North Carolina from clay and paint, and is finished in a clear protective varnish.  Since our totems are itty bitty (most measuring under 2") this is a meticulous process that takes a lot of time and care.  Every little sculpted and painted detail is added by hand accounting for hours of work and love.  Our notebooks are handmade here, too, starting with a trusty Moleskine cahier and finishing with a hand painted image and quote.  
To follow through with the experience of handmade, we also handmake our packaging, including the fun stats cards and irresistibly tiny pouches and boxes we make for all of our totems.  
The reason we love offering handmade products is because in a world of mass-manufactured goods, it's nice to provide an alternative- something full of charm and soul that is made by real people who love what they do.
Our little animals are ready to go everywhere with you or simply sit on your shelf or desk as a cute adornment.  Whether you fall in love with just the one perfect animal totem for you or decide to collect and share all of your favorites, we hope le animalé brightens your day.